Sunday, 2 June 2013

International Women's Day 2013 Photo Essay Contest


Winner of International Women Day Photo Essay Contest is Mr. Ivan Aleksic, from Serbia

The position of women in rural areas in Serbia is extremely difficult,
because they do not own property, work, medical care, or the right to
a pension. Patriarchal tradition further complicates their situation.
Serbia has from 100 to 120,000 women in the village.
They do not possess almost no assets, and is the main cause of their poor
position. The fact is that women are getting married and moving into
household husband. There does not have anything and usually do not acquire
any property. Most of these women have no social or health care - treating
themselves and are not entitled to a pension, but only one-fourth of looking
for a job outside the home.

They are not only vulnerable category in our society, but also includes a category whose potential - working potential, social potential - could be much
better to use

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