Thursday, 5 June 2014

Kafka Photo Essay Contest 2014 (International Women Day's event)

Women are the precious human being in our life. We cannot live without them, we cannot born without them. However, our mother is women. Here in the picture are the most important women in my life: my besties who spend her life together with me.

The three pictures are my bestiest, named Risty. She is the only one woman that I have, she become my mother, my father, my sister, my sister, and many roles for me. Yes, every smile is very mean to me. I always think the same and equal to me, the woman was very mean. The proof, she received the Student Association of Social Welfare, University of Indonesia as the core board. Look at the number of students taking the yellow jackets; they all are administrators of the organization, and the majority of women. Proved that today women and men have the same degree.

BY Derry Fahrizal Ulum

The following pictures were taken from a manufacturing firm that produces electronic products here in the Philippines. The photos show women striving hard to carefully analyze, check and produce electronic products. The women in the pictures are also working hard to ensure that their respective families will live decently. It's true that women can excel in the field of technology. Given the chance, many women around the world can lead in technological advancements and become great innovators and inventors.  

Women are involved in making this world more progressive and prosperous. Both men and women have human rights. If women will not be discriminated in workplaces, then they can surely excel in every human endeavor and use their respective talents and skills to the fullest. If women can use their respective talents and skills to the fullest, the whole humanity will benefit from the “combined creativity” of both men and women.

By Rummel Pinera

I have 2 kids who are both girls, My older daughter is 13 years old and my 2nd child is 8 months old. I want my kids to grow up in a world that wouldn't limit their opportunities to become successful in their would-be chosen careers just because they are girls, My older daughter, Beatrice Pinera, is shown in the pictures. One of the photos is a picture of Beatrice with her younger cousin after she graduated from elementary school in year 2012. The pictures are about my older daughter's commitment to excel in her school. She's now a 2nd-year high school student.  

I want my daughter Beatrice to finish her schooling, so that she can be financially stable and would have a great career in the near future. She has high grades and is quite studious. Building a world without discrimination against women should begin in schools.

By Rummel Pinera


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