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Poetry For Peace 2013

Kafka Welfare Organization has also organized "Poetry for Peace" competition in her compaign to celebrate International Peace Day , 21 September 2013.

You can see the short listed entries

Peace of Love…..

From my mother’s womb I came out yelling for life.
It’s great I am surviving—but there’s no peace.

Peace is the seed that sprouts all light,
We must lower the greed, and start the fight.

I wish I could have stopped what caused the first human
to be violent to another.
Then maybe the world would still be living in peace.

Why have a war—
it’s all happened before.

World peace is like a frog and a fly hugging each other.
Peace is like sweet strawberries in the air.

In the sky we see a dove
The dove means peace, the dove means love

If only PEACE were understood,
What couldn’t be now, in the future could.

Don’t shoot at me, my friend,
I’m the same as you...a man.

If peace is broken, love will shatter.
Fear will spread so what matter?

The peace that I experience from loving my neighbor,
brings with it
harmony as the fruit of my labor......

By Divya Sharma


White birds

A serene sky
Full of white birds
That far away they always fly
They dream to build their own nest
On the earth to have just a rest
But each time they try
They lose one of their newly white angles
Who’s newly has learnt to fly
And they begin as usual to sing the song of sorrow and cry

One day they stopped all their endeavors
And began to fly and fly
Looking for peace and waiting to die
They began to make their nests from love and tenderness
Replacing them very high
Along way from the cold mountains to the sky
Hoping that we could recognize them one day
To give them peace and let them to be free to live or die
And if we didn't
At least they have tried!

One day a young boy felt on his head
So he saw no longer blue sky and there was a huge shift
He saw a white angelic heaven
And a lot of white was driven
He screamed cheerfully to his mom saying
"There are no longer clouds
There are just beautiful sounds
There are white glowing birds
Coming from the cold mountains to the sky
Making a white pass to heaven!"

Suddenly everyone began to see the White Pass
They thought that it was a way for paradise
They never recognized that it was just a herd of white birds!
Trying to survive away from humans killings
So they rushed to the cold mountains
Competing who will reach first
But when they reached to it... they found them just white cold birds
Too close from freeze!
Because of human greed
However, some began to walk on them
And others began to recognize that they are not dead yet!

A lot of horror screaming spread all over the universe
"We killed them once
They will kill us hence
They will take us to death
They are not a pass for heaven or wealth
They are a revenge trap to the way of death
Stop people, Stop!
Don’t make them reach to their wrath"

However, white cold mountain birds remained still
While others at the sky flew away before anyone could reach and do another sin
People began to return back
But they found that the cold mountains white birds are not the one who attack
Now people began to understand!
It was all about human's wrack
Cold mountains birds sacrificed their lives
For not letting people fall and to make them survive!
People began to admit that they should give them peace!
So eventually the sky returned to its blue

While Earth became white paradise and no more gloom!

Shereen Nabil Nagib Ramadan



Thunder is fast approaching but the aroma of peace is still missing.
Women with children pinned to their backs run here and there looking for shelter; but alas peace is far away!

Our hearts have become a bed of fear, despair and helplessness.
Our women have become drawings displayed in forgotten art show rooms
Thunder is fast approaching but the aroma of peace is missing.

Where and when will we find you?
We are tired of singing dirges everyday; we need PEACE!!!

By Portia Dery


Free (freed)

Night after night, I wondered when my tears would fail to flow
for not a night pass without my heart bearing it all out

And then my emotions pile up drawing the last traces of faith in me
I wish i could be free or perhaps be turned into a bird to fly high

Up the blue skies without a single care
I know what I must do to be free

But the strength to do it; where would it come from?
Night after night, would i continue to weep
Free, I want to be.

By Portia Dery



Power-play is the name of the game
No winners but losers all the way.
Does it really make you invincible; I often wonder
If so, then why are there insecurities and constant blunders?
Why the need to assert your position every time?
If you know you are supreme and never indulged in a crime.
You are solely blinded by your vision
This is the reason for your diversion.
You promise me development
But leave me in isolation.
Your interest often clashes with mine
But you don’t bother even a dime.
I rue as I cease to matter to you
Because I am not one of the privileged few.
As you mess up all the way
I am left helpless along the bay.
And look at the irony; you seek war to restore peace
In spite of it all, you still elude peace.

By Ami Chheda


Unpredictable Faces

Some unpredictable faces
Drown me into thoughts
Why heart beats are so elongated?

Those people, having influential gestures
Pretending their serenity
Then, I wedged hurdles behind the souls

Those parched lips
Have nothing to utter
Trying to elucidate the mystery, why they are living?

Light returns after every night
Happiness appears beyond the tears
That hope, will soon bring reasons to their lives

by Umair Asif
Old Ravian/Activist
(not part of competition)

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