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*On this forum we are sharing details of outstanding and passionate young people who believe in positive Pakistan, to achieve this goal they are working as a change maker with Kafka

1- Maida Khan

Student of Mass communication
Lahore College for Women University
  • According to her, peace refers to your inner positive emotions and feelings that persuade you to do something Good, peace is necessary for every task to achieve your own goal.
  • She thinks, volunteerism is not about responsibilities, it is about participation
  • She worked with Kafka as a volunteer at Education Forum and as a Social Media Peace Ambassador at Let's Ring Peace Beat Project and Youth Peace Symposium 2015
  • Maida Shared: it was really a lovely experience with them, learn a lot , and their way of treated any volunteer is just amazing. 

2- Abbas Khan 

Student of Zoology
GC University Lahore

  • According to him, Peace is eternal satisfaction of an individual to live prosperously and happily without an dearth and fear.
  • He thinks, to work without any reward and for the sake of humanity, is volunteerism.
  • He is working with Kafka as a volunteer from 2014 till up-to 
  • He served as a Peace Ambassador at Let's Ring Peace Beat Project and Youth Peace Symposium 2015​
3- Sidra Iqbal

Assistant Program Officer at USAID funded Pakistan Reading Project

University of Punjab, Lahore

  • According to her, Peace is a wave of love to me, where everybody care others and spread love without disturbance or mess.
  • She thinks, Volunteerism is working for Inner satisfaction.If a single person smile just because of me it would be a great feeling inside. Promoting Love and spreading peace is one of the favorite voluntary work.
  • She worked with Kafka as a Social Media Activist for Peace from 2014 and Peace ambassador at Youth Peace Symposium 2015 and Let's Ring Peace Project

4- Ayaz Khawajakhail

Punjab University Lahore

  • To me, peace is a feeling of calm, serenity, contentment and the feeling that all is well in my world.
  • Volunteering is my Passion To me, Volunteering is serving a cause greater than one’s self. A way of giving back to the community for the many blessings and courtesies that I have received
  • He is working with Kafka from Jan 2015 and served as a youth peace ambassador at Youth Peace Symposium 2015
5- Aisha Khan

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore

6- Sarah K. Bhurgari

IMSA, Hederabad

  • Peace for me is the inner satisfaction of heart which only comes from fulfilling your responsibilities towards others. 
  • Volunteerism is a generosity towards the society.
  • She is working with Kafka youth blog #YJAW as a writer 
7- Tehseen Ali Rana

University of Lahore

  • Peace is where everyone is free to live their life with their own beliefs with their own style.
  • Volunteerism for me is to serve for the betterment of society as per my capacity without any greed of reward.
  • He is working with Kafka from last one year

8- Ami Chheda

FNF, International Academy of Leadership

  • Peace is a state where everyone's way of living is respected and there is harmonious co-existence.
  • Volunteerism is being able to lend one's services, time and resources towards the betterment of the society
  • She is former editor of YJAW which is youth blog of Kafka

9- Kashif Javed

Depalpur, Punjab

  • A good environment in which we can live, do things we need without ant problem or hurdle that’s called peace 
  • when we work for someone or do anything by heartily for the betterment of society or anything without any incentive or stipend just for a cause we think good at all that’s volunteerism.
  • He has worked with Kafka as a media coordinator

10- Sadia Maryam

GC University Lahore

Peace...well peace has many definitions and many colors....the question shoulder be how to attain peace...

Society men peace tb hoga jb equality k basic needs puray hon gay. And according to me this can only happen if corruption is ceased

11- Mudassar Bashir

Youth Parliament of Pakistan

  • Peace is getting all rights while serving all duties and volunteering is my passion
  • He is a participants of Kafka Education activities

12- Aiysha Abbas Mirza

English Literature, GC University Lahore

  • Peace is anything that is not harming the people as well as any other living thing for such matter. 
  • Volunteerism is your passion and selflessness to work out of any interests of money but for appreciation and good will of the ones who are living around you.
  • She is a writer of #YJAW Kafka

13- Mubashir Hussain

GC University Lahore 

  • I think peace is a lack of violence in society and to solve the disputes in a wise way
  • Volunteerism is a good experience for everyone.
  • He is a participant of Kafka Education learning and leadership Program

14- Muhammad Saad

Comsats Lahore

  • For me, peace is the absence of Poverty, The absence of War, The absence of Racism, The Presence of Justice, The Presence of Equality and Equity. Peace is when we get love and care and even respect other's feelings as well
  • Volunteerism is willingly voluntarily doing things to help people in the time of need when you get nothing tangible in return for your efforts. When you expect nothing as a reward to your freelance services
  • He is working with Kafka as a volunteer from last one year

15- Abid Hussain

Senior Engineer (Dy. Section Chief, Operation Management)

UET Taxila, PIEAS Ibd, VU Lhr

  • Peace is about thoughts and thinking. Thoughts dictate our behavior, say what we mean and mean what we say.Taking control of our thoughts will give us a sense of stability which brings“Peace” everywhere. In the nutshell, Peace is about focusing on positive not the negative. 
  • Volunteerism is to give Time, Skills, Knowledge, Experience, Patience, Flexibility and Energy to help cause. While in return Feel Valued and be a Part of Team to Make a Difference, Create Life 
  • He worked with Kafka at Youth Peace Symposium 2015 and Let’s Ring Peace Beat Project. 

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